How many times a garment is seen being worn is one of the biggest factors that drives fashion consumption.

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  • 05 March, 2023

How many times a garment is seen being worn is one of the biggest factors that drives fashion consumption.

The latest Life Cycle Assessment states that the best way to reduce fashion’s impact is to extend the life of the garment. Environmentalists are calling for consumers to wear garments as many times as possible to reduce environmental impact.

While we can’t argue with these scientific findings, we do have to acknowledge that this isn’t a solution the majority of fashion enthusiasts will be willing to hear, let alone implement.

The reality is that fast fashion isn’t just thriving because it's cheap. It’s the culture of wearing the latest trends and never being seen in the same outfit twice that also drives fast fashion sales.

Most fashion lovers don’t want to be seen on social media or in person in the same outfit more than once or for an arbitrarily set standard of “too many times”.

While we can absolutely get into the discussion of how shallow and selfish this lifestyle is in the face of an increasingly deteriorating environment and horrifying human rights conditions, we also want solutions that work now, and fast. We want people to take positive action immediately.

We propose a solution that won’t become another ignored environmental trope like “save the polar bears” or the “ice caps are melting.” Why not incentivise fashion consumers to take care of their garments by offering them endless access to swap clothing without having to brake the bank!

If this sounds like an impossibility, we have news for you, there’s a fresh new app in town called SwapCo that provides these exact solutions and it’s beginning to take hold in Central FLorida with plans to expand nationwide in the near future.

The SwapCo App is an app that allows someone to upload clothes that would otherwise sit in the closet collecting dust and match with someone else who is looking to trade.

Basically, it's a dating app for fashion with the potential to power a new local trading economy.

Using this app is an opportunity to join the environmental revolution within the fashion industry in a way that is practical, accessible, and realistic.

You can download the app today in your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start swapping today.

Your partner in sustainable fashion,

Catherine Valdivieso